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Interpret is Scotland's new magazine of international literature: open to anyone, anywhere, in any language.

We showcase the best contemporary writers in Scotland alongside new poems, stories, and interviews from around the world. Authors featured in Interpret include winners of the International Booker Prize, the UK Gold Medal for Poetry, the US National Book Award, and the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, Scotland's most prestigious prize for young poets.


Publication in multiple languages is key to that work: we always publish in the original and English translation. Although we receive no funding outside our subscribers, all authors published in Interpret are offered payment.

Our latest issue, Interpret 10, includes new writing from Latvia, Mozambique, and more, alongside Serhiy Zhadan, Ukraine's leading poet. Subscribers will also receive a new translation from Daisy Rockwell, winner of the International Booker 2022. 
For interviews and reviews of the best new literature in translation, head to our blog.


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